TS Multisport Training

Club Training Nights

If you would like to join the running club, everyone is welcome and training sessions are every Wednesday evening at 5.00pm from the Tata sports club. A ladies only run session leaves the Tata sport club at 4.00pm on Fridays.

For information on Future Events & Club Training days; please contact Colin at events@ts-multisport.com for details.

We also meet at Cymmer pool on Monday evenings from 5.30pm to 6.30 for an informal tips and training session aimed at beginner/improving swimmers.


Please ring Colin on Mondays at ext 4282 to confirm the session is taking place.


If you start to lose interest in training during the dark winter months, get the chequebook out and enter a big race early so you've got some motivation to get you out on the streets.

Magazines are a wealth of information but cost. Free alternatives are sites like www.bikeradar.com, www.triradar.com, www.tritalk.com where a wealth of knowledge can be tapped into for free.